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Risk Management

Managing risk is central to every business decision, especially when it comes to commercial real estate. Property owners and operators need to fully understand those factors that pose a potential hazard to operations at their properties in order to take appropriate measures to mitigate unacceptable risks.

Our Business Continuity and Risk Management Group is unique in the commercial real estate industry because of our ability to identify and categorize property-specific risk, and to specify mitigation options to reduce risk to an acceptable level.

A strong account management team is the essential tie between proactive strategy and effective delivery; they oversee the formation of real estate strategy based on portfolio and operational data, and sound execution through transactions, project management, and facility operations

Owners and operators who want to safeguard their entire real estate investments, including IP and brand reputation, can benefit from our in-depth analysis of location-specific risks, threat vectors, and mitigation options

We’re familiar with all the cost levers, including their usefulness and risk, available to executives across this terrain. Our sophisticated cost modeling techniques allow executives to understand alternative scenarios and potential solutions that will affect the metrics most important to business.

Traditional real estate decision models only account for direct real estate costs. Our comprehensive, proprietary approach provides clients with analysis and insight across all relevant disciplines (workforce, real estate costs, infrastructure, etc.), which enables clear line of sight into tradeoffs, leading to the solution that is optimal